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CoLivings on Madeira Island

Welcome to the best CoLiving and CoWorking spaces in Madeira, Portugal. Here you will find the best options for your workation or CoLiving experience on the island of Madeira. We show you fully furnished and affordable spaces ranging from cozy private rooms to spacious shared apartments. Our goal is for YOU to find the perfect place for CoLiving, CoWorking, and workation in Madeira!

Discover the first and exclusive CoLiving on Madeira: Home Office

Unique combination of comfort and adventure: Welcome to the heart of Madeira, where the island's first CoLiving experience awaits, created by a passionate Madeiran-South African family. Home office is more than just a place to live – it is the hub for adventure, community and discovery.

  • Unique Vehicle Access: Explore the island on your own without having to worry about transportation.

  • Personal touch by hosts living on site: Benefit from the local expertise and warm hospitality of our host, who lives directly on site. Get the best insider tips 

  • Vibrant community: Join a growing community of like-minded people who work, play and experience the beauty of Madeira together. Perfect for ages 25-39 looking for a balance of work and exploration.

  • Ideal starting point for exploring: Homeoffice is strategically located to discover all facets of Madeira - from hidden hiking routes to the beach, the capital, the airport and the most beautiful sunset in Europe (Pico do Arieiro)

Perfect for young professionals and adventurers: If you are between 25 and 39 years old and are looking for a place that satisfies both your professional needs and your desire for adventure and culture, then working from home is your first choice. Experience Madeira like few can – surrounded by an inspiring community that will make your trip unforgettable.








Experience independence and freedom in CoLiving Santana

Your retreat for self-determination and discovery: Discover CoLiving Santana - a place that not only offers living space, but an attitude to life. Located in the idyllic setting of Santana, Madeira, this is the ideal location for those who value independence and self-determination.

Unique Features of CoLiving Santana:

  • Freedom through independence

  • Upscale rooms in former luxury AirBnB with pool and private bathrooms

  • Connection to nature

  • Designed for the modern working world: We understand the needs of today's working people. That's why we offer high-speed internet and flexible workspaces to ensure you stay connected and productive.

Ideal for those seeking freedom: CoLiving Santana is aimed at people who want to live in a community without giving up their independence. Whether you are a digital nomad, a creative freelancer or a working adventurer - here you will find the ideal place to harmoniously combine work and personal development.








CoLiving Funchal

Home office Funchal – independent living in the heart of the capital

Modern living culture meets urban flair: Welcome to CoLiving Funchal, the latest project from investor Dennis (ImmoIncubator, YouTube), who has created a stylish four-room house in Madeira's lively capital. Ideal for those who want to fully enjoy the vibrant city life.

Your exclusive living world in Funchal:

  • Independent living: At CoLiving Funchal you will experience the freedom and independence of your own home. Without a host and with your own room in a newly renovated house, you can organize your everyday life yourself.

  • Newly designed rooms: Each of the four rooms has been carefully and modernly furnished to create a fresh and inviting ambience. Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own oasis in the middle of the city.

  • The best of Funchal right on your doorstep: Immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife, explore exquisite restaurants and experience the cultural diversity of Funchal. Our central location offers you the perfect starting point to discover the capital in all its facets.

  • Ideal for capital city enthusiasts: Less community, more independence. Home office Funchal is perfect for those who prefer the dynamism of the city and at the same time are looking for a comfortable and modern living space.

Enjoy Madeira in its most urban form: CoLiving Funchal is more than just accommodation - it's an attitude to life. For anyone who loves the urban atmosphere but doesn't want to miss out on comfort and style, this is the ideal place.

Home office Funchal – your gateway to urban Madeira





City Life



Shared apartment life in Sylwia's home

Sylwia's House – Long Term (minimum 4 weeks) in Porto da Cruz

Discover unique shared living with a touch of magic: Sylwia's house in Porto da Cruz is not just a place to live, it is a home where independence and community blend harmoniously. Here, where the universe brought Sylwia to Madeira, you will find a place where you can both enjoy your freedom and be part of a vibrant community.

Your new home in Porto da Cruz:

  • A balance between community and independence: In Sylwia's house you experience the best of both worlds - the opportunity to retreat to your own room and at the same time enjoy life together in the shared apartment.

  • Porto da Cruz – surfer’s paradise and natural wonders:With its breathtaking views and reputation as a surfing hotspot, Porto da Cruz offers the perfect setting for your CoLiving experience. Whether you want to conquer the waves or simply admire the beauty of nature, you've come to the right place.

  • For explorers and lovers of life: Sylwia's house is ideal for those who value both independence and shared experiences. Here you can both find peace and become part of a community that experiences shared adventures and discoveries in and around Porto da Cruz.

Live your life to the fullest in Porto da Cruz: Sylwia's house is more than just a co-living space - it's a place where you can develop freely and be part of a supportive community at the same time. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Sylwia and experience Madeira in its most authentic form.

Sylwia's House - your gateway to the magic of Porto da Cruz





City Life



CoLiving Santa Cruz

CoLiving Madeira – price-conscious home on Madeira

Simple, authentic and right at the airport: welcome to CoLiving Madeira, the ideal place for travelers looking for an affordable and hassle-free stay. The motto “You get what you pay for” reflects an honest and transparent offer.

What awaits you at CoLiving Madeira:

  • Low budget option: an affordable living concept tailored to the needs of backpackers. Their approach is simple and direct: no frills, but perfect internet.

  • Charming old house: The house has character! Although it is old, it is full of charm and history. Don't expect luxury, but rather an authentic Madeiran living atmosphere.

  • Perfect location for travelers: Located right by the airport, this CoLiving Space is ideal for travelers looking for practical and accessible accommodation. Supermarkets, a beach and Santa Cruz city center are within walking distance (3-5 minutes)

  • For the uncomplicated adventurers: CoLiving Madeira is for backpackers and independent travelers who value an uncomplicated and budget-friendly living concept.

CoLiving Madeira – Simple, authentic, inexpensive




WhatsApp Image 2023-03-04 at 12.55.08.jpeg

City Life



Palheiro / old Madeiran stone house

Discover your luxury retreat on Madeira – perfect for 1-2 people

A touch of luxury in a charming tiny house: Welcome to the exclusive Madeira Holiday Home, an idyllic retreat for those who long for a luxurious and intimate break. Located in the picturesque surroundings of Madeira, this old Madeiran stone house offers an exceptional experience on 12 square meters.

What the Madeira Holiday Home has to offer:

  • Exclusive comfort in a tiny house: Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and comfort. Despite its compact size, the tiny house offers a fully equipped environment, perfect for 1-2 people.

  • Private Jacuzzi and Pool: Leave everyday life behind you and enjoy the exclusivity of your own jacuzzi and pool. Perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring or simply enjoying the Madeiran sun.

  • Enchanted garden: Surrounded by a lovingly designed palm garden, you have an oasis of peace and beauty. The perfect place to retreat and unwind.

  • Luxury worth the price:From 200 euros per night you invest in an incomparable experience. The Madeira Holiday Home is more than just accommodation - it is a promise of relaxation and exclusivity.

An unforgettable stay awaits you: Madeira Holiday Home is the ideal place for anyone looking for a special and luxurious experience. Enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of a tiny house and make your stay in Madeira an unforgettable experience.


Madeira Holiday Home – Luxury and charm in a tiny house








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